Cummins RS20AC Combo Generator

Cummins RS20AC 20kW Quiet Connect Generator with 200A SE Transfer Switch.

The Cummins RS20AC 20kw Quiet Connect Generator is yet another generator in this series that comes with reliable, quiet power. This unit also comes with a transfer switch to make switching from standard power to the generator easier.This unit includes anextreme cold weather kit for the winter weather.This generator is strong enough to power a 5-ton AC unit while still being exceptionally quiet.  You can run this unit on LP or Natural gas, just choose when you buy. It is also EPA and CARB certified. The RS20AC also offers exercise modes that help make it even more efficient. You can choose when your generator will run and save power, and the unit will crank the engine without starting it to run self-diagnostics.  The Cummins RS20AC is cold weather capable. This unit can run even in zero-degree weather, or lower with some accessories sold-separately. Installation is relatively easy and your unit can be placed just 18 inches from your home. When you’re not at home, you can make sure your model is running properly, and even control it with the help of your internet-connected device. Overall, this generator is an excellent backup source for your home.