Cummins RS17AE Generator

Cummins Quiet Connect Series - RS17AE.

Cummins RS17AE is the latest addition to the Cummins Quiet Connect Series Generators. Storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires damage the power line. As a result power to millions of homes is lost. Cummins RS17AE will power your air conditioner and all home appliances when grid power fails. This unit includes anextreme cold weather kit for the winter weather.You can add as many as 4 loads to this model as it comes with an Intelligent Load Management System that constantly monitors the individual load requirements.

With higher power and torque, enhanced fuel efficiency and lower operating costs this model is just right for your home or shop or office use.  Cummins RS17AE keeps the family and workplace safe by keeping the security systems running. This air-cooled model is affordable and you can continue to keep the food and beverages chilled in the event of a power failure. The family can stay comfortable indoors watching TV while the weather outside is bad.  

* Please make sure to buy an Automatic Transfer Switch in order to install the generator.