Cummins C30D6 Generator

C30D6-30kW-Diesel-Sound Level 1 Enclosure-120/240-1Ph-24hr basic tank.

Cummins C30D6 is the latest addition to the Cummins QuietConnect Series. When grid power fails it will automatically continue to supply power to your 5-ton air conditioners, heaters, and security system. The model generates ample power to run the heating or cooling along with all your appliances at home or work. The digital voltage and frequency regulation system protects the micro-circuitry of your sensitive devices so they do not get harmed by voltage surges. There is no need to worry about how much load you are adding to your unit. You can carry on with your day at home or work with total peace of mind knowing the Cummins generator is designed to handle all loads efficiently. 

This model runs for an entire day at a full tank. The fuel tanks are double-walled to prevent leakage. The best thing about the model is that you can get it customized to suit your needs. Get it in a single-phase or three-phase configuration with or without a fuel tank. Cummins® generator sets are fully integrated power generation systems that offer optimal performance along with versatility.  

Controlling your generator is easy. Use the in-home display that allows you to monitor your unit from the comfort of your home. Check to see if the unit is running and how it is running using the Connect Cloud Mobile App. If you are living in a cold climate, this model is ideal for you with its cold-start capabilities. The all-weather enclosure is visually appealing and blends well into the landscape. It has a protective coating that gives it a long life. This model is perfect for home and light commercial applications. All Cummins generators are designed, tested, and manufactured in the USA.

* Please make sure to buy an Automatic Transfer Switch in order to install the generator.